Lolli and Pops



Lolli and Pops is a venture-backed retail company that's redefining the retail confectionary experience.

I joined Lolli and Pops in early 2013 to lead special projects in the digital space, and to design and pilot e-commerce as a new business channel. Since 2013, LP's digital presence has grown 500% primarily on the growth of its brick and mortar expansion. The chain of retail stores has increased from 2 units to 11 units in just under 2 years, and positioned itself as a leader in its category and in the retail technology community.

In addition to digital products, in 2014/2015 I built out:
  1. Partnerships with core technology partners to capture key brick and mortar customer metrics (passerby capture, counting, conversion, retention, dwell time)
  2. Merchandising technology and processes for quicker and more accurate planning and buying, enabling weekly replenishment and >2% fleet-wide retail $ comp in FY2015
  3. The company's first forward-looking merchandise forecasting model (facilitating >$1M in replenishment and planned buys)
  4. Core reporting in Tableau for company-wide self-service business intelligence and division accountability
  5. Merchandising for Lolli and Pop's premium chocolate business, driving $250K in fleet-wide sales


Pyhton, Tableau, Access, SQL, HTML, CSS, Javascript, Foundation, Chocolate, Gummy