Persistance of Vision Globe



Jasdeep Garcha, Matt Ball, Trevor Shannon, Amandeep Garcha


We were commissioned to create 'something epic' for the MISC magazine launch party in San Francisco. The theme was lights, so we chose to create a spinning globe of LEDs.

Persistance of Vision is a concept that's common in many consumer electronics: something is moving so quickly that it appears to be continuous, or persistant. We wanted to create something that took that concept to another level, so we settled on a 12" spinning LED globe made up of a single dimension of lights when spun created the illusion of an entire field of LEDs. Moreover, the LEDs were all tied to I/O pins to create images on the fly.

The platform was fabricated from steel, wood, and 3D printed pieces; rotation was powered by a 12V motor tied to a power supply; and, the LED lights and rotation were controlled by an Arduino ATMega and discrete components. Stability was insured by giant clamps.

A version of the sketches for the Arduino-based interrupt timer and visualizations using Processing are on Github here and here


Arduino, Fabrication, 3D printing, Digital Logic, Electronics